Metallic water tank, a quick and easy solution

Last week, Marcelo García, commercial of Agravid for Spain, accompanied by Emilio Verastegui, of Recover Business, visited several water tank facilities in Castilla La Mancha to supervise their correct operation. We highlight two water tanks near Carmena town, one for irrigation of olive trees and another for supplying water to a recently installed Iberian pig farm, for the Toledo company, belonging to Paco Quero, Agropecuaria Los Sauces. Another water tank that was visited belongs to Rafael del Pino. This water tank supplies water to a cattle farm in La Mata town.

Agravid, together with Recover Business are giving a quick and easy answer to the demand of water tanks for water storage in agricultural and livestock sector, the installation of metallic roof tanks, made of corrugated plates of Z600 galvanized steel. This water storage solution is based on the manufacture with S350GD structural steel, resisting tensile forces and granting elasticity to the structure against fluid movement and wind pressure. Water tanks can be built in a concrete base or with a canvas sheet. The cover may be with a canvas or by self-supporting 30º metallic roof.

We thank Recover Business, engineering company specialized in facilities for agriculture and livestock, the confidence in our metal water tank, and of course thanks also to our customers Paco Quero and Rafael del Pino.

Agropecuaria Los Sauces_Carmena_AgravidRafael del Pino_La Mata_Agravid