New floating cover

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the destination of this water tank with capacity of 254m3, model DA0993/3, painted in one side with powdered paint, which includes the new accessory “Floating cover” composed by hexagonal tiles.

Agravid starts to offer within water tanks accessories range a tiles cover system. This system fulfil all the functions of the standards covers, like canvas and  shadenet, avoiding  water evaporation and reducing algae growth. We hightlight these adavantages: the manufacture of tiles with a recycled and recyclable material with a long service life, this material doesn´t need manteinance or repair. Easy and quick assembly, without machinery. Tiles adapt to liquid level changes and are suitable for any size. System offers free access to the liquid , no movement limitations for the different equipments and makes it possible to store water from rain.

Agravid Symaga Group mission to satify market water storage needs , promotes continuous  R&D work  to expand our accessories line, with new solutions for our customers.