50% financing for a year without interest

Agravid, Symaga Group wants to help cooperatives business to promote vineyard post during 2017 and 2018, offering a 50% financing in the purchase for a year without interest.

We manufacture with S280GD and S350GD steel in accordance with European standard EN-10346, higher corrosion protection than the market standard. We present to types of Sendzimir galvanization, Z275 g/m2 and  ZM195 g/m2. Vineyard post design improves the strength to weight ratio, allowing the absorption of the lateral stresses of wind and the impact of machineryGreat stability Its wider base increases stability for proper driving into the ground. Open design to prevent moisture and internal corrosion maximizing strength in humid climates.  Rounded edges. Perfectly finished profiling to minimize breakage of machinery.

Agravid is a new company of Symaga Group, born to offer a global service in vineyard equipment and metal water. Tanks. Symaga Group with more than 30 years of experience is present in more than 140 countries. The support to grow.