Water tanks

The Agravid metallic tank for water storage is made of corrugated plates of Z600 galvanized steel, with a concrete base or with a canvas sheet on a sand bed and an exterior perimeter beam. With capacities and measurements of Ø 3,8 m and 12 m3, to Ø 32 m and 2.700 m3, to be utilised in sectors such as farming and livestock. They are modular and can be expanded and moved. Furthermore, lids and other accessories can be added.

Guaranteed steel Durability and Resistance to corrosion

  • We manufacture goods with S350GD quality steel in compliance with European regulation EN-10346, superior to the market standard.
  • Our galvanisation has a lining of Z600 g/m2 and is EN-10346 certified.
  • The steel resists tensile forces and grants the structure the elasticity which allows for the movements of the fluid and the pressures of the wind.
  • Agravid steel is certified and of European origin.
  • As well as the standard manufacturing option, a galvanised option with an epoxy paint finish can be supplied, according to the usage and location of its placement.

Foundation. Options


  • With a concrete base and exterior perimeter beam, waterproofed by means of applying a bituminous paint.

  • With a canvas sheet on a sand base and an exterior perimeter beam.



  • Con lona sobre un lecho de arena y zuncho perimetral exterior



  • Simple and fast.

  • We supply an assembly manual and we provide a foundation plan.

  • Specialised technical consulting guidance.



Components. Seal



  • Made up of 14/76 modular plates of corrugated plates of Z600 g/m2 galvanised steel, of varying thicknesses according to the height and diameter, with an optimal strength/weight ratio.
  • The plates are punched around the entire perimeter to be coupled on the worksite without the need for any subsequent machining.
  • Assembly using screws, with joints sealed with putty.
  • The length and depth of the corrugations grant exceptional strength.

Covering. Optional

depositos-de-agua-componentes-cubierta-techo-metalico-autoportante-agravid  depositos-de-agua-componentes-cubierta-malla-sombreadora-agravid

– Protection from sunlight avoids the formation of algae and objects falling in.

– Options:

  • Self-supporting 30º metallic roof 
    • Three types: galvanised with ZM195 g/m2 zinc magnesium aluminium finish, galvanised with epoxy paint, and lacquered sheet to mitigate environmental impact.
    • The 30º slope allows water to quickly run off, avoiding accumulation.
    • Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, as well as snow loads and seisms.
  • Floating cover
    • Canvas sheet with a long operational life to cover tanks, which reduces wave formation and surface evaporation around 80-90%.
    • Hexagonal tiles adapt to liquid level changes and are suitable for any size. System offers free access to the liquid.
  • Canvas sheet High-density polyester with PVC coating.
  • Shade net Manufactured with PVC-reinforced seams.




The screws are 8.8 quality according to DIN regulations.



The sealing putty allows a margin for expansion and assures sealing.

Canvas sheet


  • Complete covering for the interior facing of the tank. This gives an additional layer of protection against corrosion to the plate and further guarantees the seal.
  • Special canvas sheet option for slurry or food use.

Epoxy paint


Effective system of steel protection, protecting the steel against direct contact with the water.