Accessories vineyard post

The accessories facilitate installation and maintenance of the trellises. We have various anchor systems to adapt to the different types of terrain. The accessories for fixing wires facilitate the farmer’s work.



  • Hard triple galvanized with a thickness of 2 to 3mm.


  • Coating from 16 to 18 microns depending on the thickness, with quality certificate according to EN-10204:3.1.

Gripple tensioner


  • Allows adjustment and slack to lift the plants every season.


  • High load support.


  • 1 or 2 channels option.

Wire tensioner


  • To tension training and vegetation wires.

  • With 8×80 metric galvanized bolts and 8 metric galvanized nut.

  • Dimensions: 90×30

  • Hot dip galvanized.

  • 8 mm. diameter wire.

Hook for fastening wires


  • To keep the upper trellis wires parallel.

  • Two safety catches.

  • 50 mm

Vine shoot fixer


  • Rubber ring for tying vine training and arbour.

  • High elasticity to prevent strangulation.

Angle anchor


  • Especially for hard and stony ground.

  • Type 40×40

  • Length 720mm


  • Thickness 4mm

Crosshead anchor


Very stony ground

Helical anchor


  • Especially for medium-hard and not very stony ground.

  • High-strength thanks to the reinforcement at the base.

  • Galvanized for durability.

  • Disc thickness 3mm.

  • Disc diameter 107 and 150.

  • Rod length 700mm.

  • Rod thickness 7.

Pipe hook


  • Optimal fixing of the drip lines.


  • Easy to handle; unhooks easily